Cleveland, Ohio native, Robert Ector, has earned the respect of international audiences as well as his industry peers. Having been called personal photographer and art director to iconic stars such as Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Steve Harvey, Serena Williams, Nicki Minaj and Wendy Williams, Ector’s captivating images have quickly helped to cement him as a recognizable talent in the Entertainment and Fashion industry. 

Ector’s love affair with the arts started at the tender age of two; recalling memories of extraordinary weekend painting excursions with his Grandfather. These childhood times heavily influenced and contributed to his innate appreciation of limitless beauty.

After moving to Atlanta as a creative youth, Robert used his allowance to purchase disposable cameras and orchestrated photo shoots with members of his large family, ultimately turning these photos into elaborate albums that would fascinate his classmates. 

In addition to coveted, hands-on, internships with highly renowned photographers, Ector’s vast educational experience began at Benedict College and concluded at The Art Institute of Atlanta where he studied Fine Arts & Photography. 

Having spent extensive time abroad in London, Paris and Italy photographing runway shows for elite designers such as DOLCE AND GABBANA, VERSACE, CHANEL, PRADA and FENDI, Ector contributes the fast-paced and often grueling world of international fashion to the honing of his photography skills. 

Bridging his dexterous understanding of studio photography with his love of bold and provocative street style is what defines his artistry.

Robert’s gift lies in his ability to transform his subjects and by putting the most solitary of items together to create a cohesive and visionary masterpiece. Eclectic elements of glamour and luxury, deep-rooted in the lighting design, brands Ector as a signature artist. This distinction in taste and observation of detail has landed his work in multiple national and international campaigns for VOGUE MAGAZINE, DISNEY, ABC, MAC Cosmetics, TIFFANY & CO, AMAZON, VARIETY, NBC Universal & many more.

The city of Atlanta honored Ector with official legislation recognizing November 5th as Robert Ector Day. This proclamation from Atlanta city councilman Michael Julian Bond, and presented by Mayor Kasim Reed, acknowledges Ector for his contribution to the city of Atlanta in the field of Photography & Video.

Ector insists, “There are no rules to photography,” instead, focus on the qualities that each unique individual brings. He believes that those disposable cameras used during his early childhood contributed to his understanding that regardless of the camera or the lens, beauty manifests in the subject’s sheer presence and willingness to show up as themselves.